"Buying Government Bonds," in Mottelay, The Soldier in Our Civil War (New York, 1890).

Dr. Louise Mirrer, President and CEO, New-York Historical Society
Dr. Richard Rabinowitz, American History Workshop, Curator and Writer
Dr. James O. Horton, George Washington University, Chief Historian

Exhibition Development
American History Workshop, Research, Writing, and Curatorial
Lynda B. Kaplan, Executive Producer of Media and Curatorial Director
Dr. Peter P. Hinks, Senior Historian
Ellen Fletcher Russell, Associate Writer
Sara C. Fanning, Research Historian
Amy E. Bogansky, Associate Curator
Lara C. Haskins, Research Assistant
Jeremy Fain, Researcher
Dan Levinson Wilk, Researcher
Christine McKay, Researcher
Dr. Joan Sherman, Researcher

Lynne Breslin Architects, Exhibition Designers
Lynne Breslin, Chief Designer
Robin Kops, Associate Designer
Luki Anderson, Associate Designer
Tiffany Schrader Brown, Assistant

Heavy Meta, Exhibition Graphics
Barbara Glauber, Creative Co-Director
Emily Lessard, Creative Co-Director
Beverly Joel, Designer
Aliza Dzik, Design Assistant

Scholarly Advisers
Prof. Annemarie Bean, Williams College
Prof. Sven Beckert, Harvard University
Prof. Elizabeth Blackmar, Columbia University
Prof. Ira Berlin, University of Maryland
Prof. David W. Blight, Yale University
Eugene Dattel, independent scholar
Prof. Eric Foner, Columbia University
Prof. Graham Russell Gao Hodges, Colgate University
Prof. Lois E. Horton, George Mason University
Prof. Carla L. Peterson, University of Maryland
Prof. John Stauffer, Harvard University
Prof. Craig Steven Wilder, Dartmouth College

Something Digital, Exhibition Website
Greg Steinberg, Partner and Project Director
Mickey Winter, Creative Director
Marjorie Waters, Content Producer

Educational Materials
Marjorie Waters, Developer

Exhibition Fabrication and Technology
R. H. Guest, Inc., Exhibition Fabrication
Robert H. Guest, Principal
Mietek Dziadowiec, Project Manager
Joanna Ludwig, Office Manager
Jorge Ventura, Shop Foreman
CM Renovations, Inc., General Construction
Triple A Group, Inc., Electrical Installation
Signarama New York and Rose Brand, Graphic Production

Audio, Video & Controls, Electronic Hardware
David Bianchiardi, Principal
Paul Carbone, Design
Nate Blum, Engineering
David Orbach, Integrator

Charles Froom, Lighting Design
David Geiger, Beth Brideau, Lighting Design
Eric Mauriello, Operand, Software Design, Visitor Response

Media Design and Production
"The Cotton Revolution"
Produced by The History Channel
in collaboration with New-York Historical Society
Libby H. O'Connell, Executive Producer, The History Channel
Douglas Stone, Supervising Producer, The History Channel
Jawad Metni, Producer
Benjamin Goldman, Director
Richard Ramazinski, Animator
Madeline Griffith, Animator
Prerana Reddy, Photo Research

Picture credits:
The British Library
Eli Whitney Museum
Library of Congress
Museum of the City of New York
New-York Historical Society

Music credits:
"Nervous Powers" and "Mansfield Park," courtesy of Killer Tracks, Beverly Hills, Calif.
"Parade Sequence: The Music of Francis Johnson (1792-1844)" — Peter H. Bloom, arranger, director, 8-keyed flute, Vincent J. Monaco, cornet and flugelhorn, Judy Bedford, bassoon, Douglas Yeo, ophicleide. Courtesy America's Musicworks.

"Voices From the Edge: Audio Portraits of Black New Yorkers"
Lynda B. Kaplan, American History Workshop, Producer
Onomatopoeia Studio, Sound Recording
Matt Kaplowitz, Creative Director
Ken Takeuchi, Chief Engineer
Dominic Bartolini, Engineer
Patricia Young, Studio Manager
Tara Whiston, Audio Administrator

Tunis Campbell: Jerome Preston Bates
David Ruggles: Ty Stephens
Rachel Saunders: Petronia Paley
Frederick Douglass: Charles Turner
William Dixon: J.C. Montgomery
John Mace, a sexton: Roderick Garr
Walter Best, a boot-black: Jaymes Jorsling
Amanda Bell, a washerwoman: Saidah Arrika Ekulona
Harry Bell, a news-vendor: Charles Turner
Alford Bell, a boy: Ryan Winston
Sojourner Truth: Saidah Arrika Ekulona
Catherine Ferguson: Brenda Thomas
Solomon Northup: Allie Woods
Luther Lee: Tony Scheinman
Ellen Craft: Erin Cherry
William Craft: Anthony Thomas

"The Hotel Newspapers"
Jawad Metni, Producer

"The Minstrel Show"
"Master Juba"
"Pete Williams' Dance Hall"

Jawad Metni, Producer, Director, Editor
Thomas DeFrantz, Choreographer
Zachary Mortensen, Associate Producer
Mark De Pace, Production Manager
Joshua Zeman, Assistant Director
Ron Egozi, Director of Photography
P.H. O'Brien, Second Camera
Deirdre Wegner, Costumes
Leo Wan, Make-up
Mariusz Cichon, Camera Assistant
Paul Yee, Gaffer
Alex Engel, Key Grip
John D'Aquino, Sound Mixer
Dan Glockner, James Rosa, Production Assistants

Minstrel performers and dancers: Daniel Clifton, Jason Martin, and
Christopher Mirto
Master Juba: Kyle Abraham
Additional dancers: Regina Rocke, Dawn Springer
Historian: Prof. Nadine Graves-George, University of California at San Diego

"Lucy Long," "Darkey Money Musk," and "De Floating Scow Quickstep," from Finer than Frog Hair CD, performed by the Canebrake Minstrels — John Keller, fiddle, Steve LeClaire, banjo, Peter Emeric, flute, Tom Emerick, bones, Tom Riemer, tambourine

"Instrumental Medley," The Early Minstrel Show CD 803338, used by permission New World Records, c. 1988 Recorded Anthology of American Music, Inc.
Instruments courtesy George Wunderlich

"Freedom's Journal Interactive"
Local Projects, Concept and Design
Jake Barton, Interactive Producer
Renda Morton, Graphic Design
Jack Kalish, Software Development
Byan Ijeoma, Model
Stephan Knuesel, Director of Photography
Special thanks to Browne & Co.: Robert Warner, Nicholas Baute

"The Black Convention"
Local Projects, Concept and Design
Jake Barton, Interactive Producer
Renda Morton, Graphic Design
Angelina Ho and Scott Fitzgerald, Software Development
Sterling Ely, Hardware Development
Greg Fraser, Interactive Assistant
Christopher McElroen, Theater Director, Classical Theater of Harlem
Adam Levite, Director
Jen Anthony, Producer
Kimberly Glennon, Costumes
Kellena M. Shumate, Make-up
Ron Egozi, Director of Photography
Megan Brennan, Senior Avid Editor
Robert Mead, Avid Editor
J.C. Schlageter, Sound Engineer
Leighton Edmonson, Gaffer
Marc Kaplan, Mixer
Katrena S. Jackson, Owen Melendez, Jim Lopezzo, Production Assistants

Convention delegates: Jerome Preston Bates, Arthur French, Billy Jones, Jaymes Jorsling, Leopold Lowe, Ron Simons, Allie Woods

Convention audience: Richard Alexander, Musa Bacon, Paula Brooks, Lamar Brown, Andrea Coleman, Michael Flood, Katori Hall, Katrena S. Jackson, Charles Kornegay, ShaLonne Lee, Yarc Lewinson, April McCants, Chritian McColen, Edgar Nicholson, Kiel Perry, Thierry Saintine, Lee Marvin Sebastiany, Barnet Senegal, Douglass Streeter

Thanks to the Brooklyn Quaker Meeting: Jill Losquardos, Molly Rusnak, Tom Rothschild; New York Quarterly Meeting: Carol Summers, Nancy Headley Jaffee

"The Backroom at James McCune Smith's Office and Pharmacy"
Local Projects, Production Company
Jake Barton, Producer
Renda Morton, Graphic Design
Jen Anthony, John Fortuna, Film Producers
Katrena S. Jackson, Jim Lopezzo, Production Assistants
Kimberly Glennon, Costumes
Marissa DiTeresa, Make-up Artist
J.C. Schlageter, Camera
Leighton Edmonson,Gaffer
Marc Kaplan, Mixer
Leigh Rivers, Teleprompter

James McCune Smith: Danny Glover

Medical props courtesy National Museum of Civil War Medicine
Books, travel bag props courtesy American History Workshop

"After the War: Interviews with Scholars"
Jawad Metni, Producer
Michael Lahaie, Editor
Benjamin Smith, Assistant Camera
Annemarie Conte, Transcription
Prof. Sven Beckert, Harvard University
Prof. David Quigley, Boston College
Prof. Craig Steven Wilder, Dartmouth College

"Visitors Respond"
Chris Lawrence, Editor

New York Historical Society Staff
Stephen Aleman, Education
Christopher Alzapiedi, Exhibitions
Sarah Armstrong, Exhibitions
Jean Ashton, Vice President and Director of the Library
Alan Balicki, Conservation
Stephanie Benjamin, Administration
David Burnhauser, Collections
Miguel Colon, Collections
Cynthia Copeland, American Rev. Project
Glenn Castellano, Photographer
Nick DesCognets, Exhibitions
Joseph Ditta, Library
Marybeth De Filippis, Curator
Marcel Downer, Collections
Roy R. Eddey, Exhibitions
Linda S. Ferber, Vice President & Museum Director
Maureen Finnegan, President's Office
Cherie Fischer, Education
Sarah Fogel, Registrar
Ivette Fuentes, Human Resources & Visitor Services
Mary Ann Furman, Education
Eleanor Gillers, Rights & Reproduction
Jenny Gotwals, Library
Elizabeth Grant, Education
Dale Gregory, Public Programs
Jeff Hall, Collections
Richard Heegan, Security
Margaret Hofer, Curator
Kathleen Hulser, Public Historian
Joseph Hung, Exhibitions
Norine Hurtado, Visitor Services
Ken Jackson, Senior Historian
Janine Jaquet, Development
Melissa Kopp, Visitor Services
Adrienne Kupper, Education
Nick Mancini, Public Programs
David Mandel, Exhibitions
Gail Mazin, Development
Kelly McAnnaney, Library
Todd Muller, Education
Matthew Murphy, Library
Heidi Nakashima, Conservation
Nina Nazionale, Library
Kathleen O'Connor, Administration
Roberta Olson, Curator
Edward O'Reilly, Library
Ashley Ouderkirk, Visitor Services
Valerie Paley, Journal
Jillian Pazereckas, Curatorial Research
Jill Reichenbach, Rights & Reproduction
Eric Robinson, Library
DeeAnna Row, Education
Angie Sadhu, Public Programs
Daniel Santiago, Collections
Ione Saroyan, Museum Store
Julie Seymour, Development
Richard Shein, Finance
Andrew Sterling, IT
Mariam Touba, Library
Lilly Tuttle, Exhibitions
Lee Vedder, Curator
Laura Washington, Communications
Amy Weinstein, Curator
Kaitlin Wilson, Development
Julia Zaccone, Exhibitions

With special thanks to the facilities crew and security guards at the N-YHS

Lenders to the Exhibition
Albany Institute of History and Art
American History Workshop
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Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
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